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Frequently Asked Questions 

How does it work?

Our primary method of consultation is our Grant Finding Questionnaire, which can be accessed after payment of a 50% deposit. Then we get to work systematically researching grant funding opportunities that align most closely with your needs. Once our research is complete, the remaining payment is due. As soon as it is received, you will have access to your individually tailored Grant Finding Plan.

What happens if you can’t find any grants for my NGO?

We’ll do everything possible to find grants that meet your needs, but if we can’t find enough opportunities, we’ll let you know before you pay us anything.

How long does it take?

We have a lead time of 20 working days. If we complete our research earlier, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready. Clients should also factor in grant-writing time; we aim to find grants with a submission deadline of at least 20 working days from the date your Grant Finding Plan is ready. In this way you will have enough time to prepare your grant applications.

If you find more than 8 - 12 grants, do we have to pay extra?

Our grant finding process tends to result in an average of 8 – 12 grants per project. However, if we’re fortunate enough to find more high-quality matches, – of course, we’ll send them all to you at no extra charge.

Where do you find grant opportunities?

We use a variety of subscription and public grant databases. For harder- to- fund projects, we aim to seek out creative solutions to meet those needs.

Do you only work for American NGOs?

We work mainly with NGOs in the US and NGOs around the world who are looking primarily for US- based grant funding opportunities.

Do you offer any other services?

We occasionally provide ad hoc services for clients with whom we have an existing relationship. However, we prefer to remain focused on finding the best grants for our clients.

How is Grant Finding different from Prospect Research?

Grant Finding identifies currently available grant opportunities from funders with closely aligned strategic giving goals. Whereas Prospect Research evaluates potential donors who might be suitable funding partners for a fundraising organization.

Do you offer telephone / video / in-person consultations?

We provide our services for clients around the world; therefore, we work remotely using our Grant Finding Questionnaire as our primary means of consultation. We use email to communicate during the grant finding process.

How can we contact you?

Click on this link to get in touch with us to the funding opportunities you need.

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