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8 – 12 ‘Best-Fit' Grant Opportunities 

Every year $800+ Billion in grant funding is awarded to NGOs. However, organizations that haphazardly chase grants with no clear strategy are often completely unaware of the funding opportunities they are missing out on.

At we provide systematic research to identify grant opportunities with the greatest potential for success.

As a grant finding consultancy, we offer a comprehensive Grant Finding Plan tailored to give our clients the best chance of winning funding for their organization.

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Your Grant Finding Services

We'll find grants that your NGO has a better chance of winning. Stop missing out on key opportunities for grant funding. Stop wasting time applying for unrealistic grants. 

Read more about our grant consultancy services here, or have your questions about finding grants answered below.

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icon hourglass Efficiency

A single grant application can require over 40 dedicated hours of preparation.

Our Grant Finding Plan ensures that those hours are focused on applying for grants with the greatest likelihood of success. 

icon progress chartClarity

Our Grant Finding Plan provides a clear pathway to securing the grant funding that your organization needs.

Our grant consultants will help identify which grants to target and when to apply.


icon reviewsCredibility

A Grant Finding Plan is an essential part of a wider fundraising process.

It enhances an organization's financial credibility and can be leveraged to access alternative sources of funding e.g., match funding and loans.